Sermon Podcast

Sermons preached at Highlands Presbyterian Church:

On the Level

by David Baer, October 27, 2019

God wants to commune with us in our anxiety, brokenness, and need.

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Shrewd Move

by David Baer, September 22, 2019

Jesus invites us to make faithful, wise use of the fleeting resources we have—and EVERYTHING is fleeting!

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Free and Costly

by David Baer, September 8, 2019

What feelings do the people and the things we hold close to us provoke in us? What do those feelings teach us about our relationship with God?

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Do Not Be Afraid

by David Baer, August 11, 2019

Maybe our role as Christians in fearful times is to embody the wisdom of Jesus: “Do not be afraid.”

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Taking Account

by David Baer, August 4, 2019

Looking at the full picture of what we have received and given shows us God’s overwhelming generosity toward us. Do our lives reflect the true balance of our accounts?

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Shameless Persistence

by David Baer, July 28, 2019

Jesus teaches us to be bold in our prayers—not because God’s heart needs to be changed, but because ours does.

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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

by David Baer, July 14, 2019

The kingdom of God comes from the outside in, to those who are willing give and receive with enemies and strangers.

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Healing Word, Living Witness

by David Baer, June 23, 2019

When God blesses us, it’s a commission to share good news with others.

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All Together

by David Baer, June 16, 2019

Like God, we’re not alone—we’re in this together.

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A Rush of Wind

by David Baer, June 9, 2019

Through the Spirit Jesus sends us, we can do what Jesus did, and more.

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