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Sermons preached at Highlands Presbyterian Church:

Upon Your Word

by David Baer, February 10, 2019

Jesus asks us to do difficult things with trust, and he shows us abundance far beyond our imagining.

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Yes and No

by David Baer, February 3, 2019

God's Yes to us is also a No to privilege and parsimony. There is no grace for us without our having grace for others.

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by David Baer, January 27, 2019

Jesus’ presence means salvation is here for us today.

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Abundant Life

by David Baer, January 20, 2019

Your ordinary gifts, ordinary words, ordinary presence, blessed by Jesus, can become so much more.

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Not as Advertised

by David Baer, January 13, 2019

Remember your baptism today, and know that God’s favor rests on you, God’s Holy Spirit abides with you, God is alive and moving in our world.

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Fear and Fascination

by David Baer, January 6, 2019

Christmas calls us to choose between staying the same or taking a risk.

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Room for the Child

by David Baer, December 24, 2018

Not in the inn, but the manger—Christ is born! Not for the upstanding citizen, but the sinner—Christ is born! Not in our perfection, but in our weakness—Christ is born!

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Yes, Mary Knew!

by David Baer, December 23, 2018

Do YOU know that God can work wonders through an ordinary person like you, acting with extraordinary love?

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A Voice Crying Out In the Wilderness

by David Baer, December 9, 2018

The word of God does’t depend on the powers that are already in place. It can come through a nobody in the wilderness like John, or you, or me.

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Redemption is Near

by David Baer, December 2, 2018

A promise of redemption means we haven't been forgotten--and more, that a new kind of future is being opened for us.

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