Sermon Podcast

Sermons preached at Highlands Presbyterian Church:

Worth It

by David Baer, April 7, 2019

Mary and Jesus gave passionately and unreservedly. What offering are you being called to make?

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Together Again

by David Baer, March 31, 2019

God doesn’t care so much about what is fair, as about what it takes to put us back together again.

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When Our Best Isn’t Very Good

by David Baer, March 17, 2019

Jesus helps us see that sometimes our best isn't all that good, and yet he comes to love and bless us anyway.

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Three Tests

by David Baer, March 10, 2019

For the strength to say No, you have to be grounded in the joy of a deeper Yes.

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Enter the Cloud

by David Baer, March 3, 2019

God directs us to listen, not look, in order to learn who Jesus really is.

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by David Baer, February 17, 2019

Jesus not only announces blessings for the poor; he makes those blessings real and visible.

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Upon Your Word

by David Baer, February 10, 2019

Jesus asks us to do difficult things with trust, and he shows us abundance far beyond our imagining.

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Yes and No

by David Baer, February 3, 2019

God's Yes to us is also a No to privilege and parsimony. There is no grace for us without our having grace for others.

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by David Baer, January 27, 2019

Jesus’ presence means salvation is here for us today.

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Abundant Life

by David Baer, January 20, 2019

Your ordinary gifts, ordinary words, ordinary presence, blessed by Jesus, can become so much more.

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