Sermon Podcast

Sermons preached at Highlands Presbyterian Church:

Your Turn

by David Baer, June 2, 2019

Jesus is asking us to be witnesses, to share how God’s grace lands in our life stories.

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A New Commandment

by David Baer, May 19, 2019

Jesus’ love embraces, transforms, and equips us to be his disciples.

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My Sheep Hear My Voice

by David Baer, May 12, 2019

Hearing Jesus’ voice—learning, doing, growing with Christ—is how we enter the kind of life where we can fully understand who he is.

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Fishing, Feeding, and Following

by David Baer, May 5, 2019

Our call to follow Jesus comes from one who forgives, comforts, and provides everything we need.

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Peace Be With You

by David Baer, April 28, 2019

“Peace be with you” is at the same time a comfort and a command, because it means that we are the body of Christ, that we are the ones who need to show up if others are to believe and rejoice as Thomas did.

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The Tomb is Empty

by David Baer, April 21, 2019

Affirming a “maybe,” a “what if?” is what opens the way for us to see the risen Jesus.

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If These Were Silent

by David Baer, April 14, 2019

It takes not just courage, but also joy, to embody good news in risky ways.

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Worth It

by David Baer, April 7, 2019

Mary and Jesus gave passionately and unreservedly. What offering are you being called to make?

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Together Again

by David Baer, March 31, 2019

God doesn’t care so much about what is fair, as about what it takes to put us back together again.

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When Our Best Isn’t Very Good

by David Baer, March 17, 2019

Jesus helps us see that sometimes our best isn't all that good, and yet he comes to love and bless us anyway.

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